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Can I make personal alterations playing with PowerShark?

No. PowerShark comes in one version for all players. If there is anything that you find missing while playing with PowerShark, please send your suggestions to hi@wbtbridge.com

Why is PowerShark hesitating?

As in real life PowerShark sometimes needs time to figure out the best move. The more being at stake, the more likely it is that PowerShark spends time. Its hesitations may also just be a result of slow internet connection. Which one it is will vary, so be mindful of both possibilities.

PowerShark didn’t give me the right carding!

PowerShark will give you the right carding most of the time, but in order to make the play with PowerShark as realistic as possible, it will sometimes false card trying to deceive declarer.

Why is PowerShark making some inhuman bids?

PowerShark uses many different metrics, including listening to and trusting (to some extent) the opponents’ bids. Sometimes it will make bids that are crazy to the human eye, leading to both exceptionally good and bad scores.

Can I trust PowerShark?

Yes, you can! The more logical bridge you play, the more you can trust PowerShark to cooperate. If you decide to shake things up by bringing a lot of confusion into the game, you will experience PowerShark being a bit confused. PowerShark won’t understand what’s going on if the game doesn’t make sense to it.

What is PowerShark based on?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you all the details about PowerShark. What we can say is that it is based on bridge logic provided by world class players.

Does PowerShark know the hands?

No, PowerShark has only been given access to 13 of the 52 cards. In true WBT spirit we have disallowed PowerShark to cheat in any way.

How are boards generated, have you made any adaptations?

No, the boards are generated completely randomly without making any adjustments or trying to avoid PowerShark’s weaknesses.

Why is PowerShark playing a world-class system?

We have carefully selected conventions that we believe are needed and fun to play. Hopefully we have managed to select some conventions you will find useful enough to go ahead and play with your regular partner.

How can I improve my performance playing with PowerShark?

TIPS: How to best play with PowerShark: PowerShark Tips

CONVENTIONS: PowerShark Conventions

CONVENTION CARD: Convention Card

PowerShark is extensive compared to other bridge robots, but you will find it to be a great partner. Practice with it, and you will not only improve your PowerShark game, but you will also improve your bridge game generally!

“PowerShark uses its bridge logic for evaluation” explanation.

There are so many possible auctions that providing meaningful explanations to them all would be impossible. In these situations, PowerShark is calculating the bids based on vulnerabilities, position and the auction so far. As in “real” bridge you will find bids that have a broader meaning, and this explanation is meant to cover these situations.

What is Check Bids?

Check Bids is a function used during the auction. By activating the Check Bids button, you are free to enter any bid you would like to figure out how PowerShark will perceive it before making your call.

What is PS Tip?

PS Tip is a function used during the auction. By activating the PS Tip, you will be provided with a suggested call (the bid PowerShark would have selected).

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If you can’t find answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us. We will answer to you shortly!

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